Rutt-Etra Video Synthesizer
Co-inventor of analog computer for video raster manipulation.
Video Image Bank
for storage and retrieval of video image sequences
US patient issued April 1991
Electronic Associates of Berkley Video Lab.
Co- Designer of analog digital processing device
Video Mododular Systems
Low end digital image processing video-effects computer system (A compatiable 3D Television system)
basis for DOTS (Digital Optical Technology System)
Netherland, US Patient issued


Contributing Editor
ROM Home Computing Magazine
Electric Imaging
Videography/Art in America
Computerized Graphics
Special Interest Group in Grapic ACM
Special Interest Group in Language ACM
Broadcast Management Engineering


Founder-Kitchen Video Theater, NYC
Arist in Residence, WNET TV Lab, NYC
Cameraman,Film "Clearwater" PBS
Director/Cameraman"Street Scenes"
NY Film Festival w/Martin Scosese Dir.
Director 2nd & 3rd. Intl. Computer Arts Festival NYC
Producer"Mind of the Universe"
Computer Graphics Showing at the Budokan,
Commisioned by Toshiba/ShinjukoPres..

Museum Instalations & Awards

University Museum:Buffalo, N.Y.
Whitney Museum of American Art:NYC
Museums of Modern Art:NYC, Paris, Tokyo, Mexico City
Donnell Library: NYC

  • Cleo Award: for Technical Achievement

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